Experts in water and irrigation Solutions for over 70 years

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Southwell Irrigation has been established some 70 years + with the founding company H.C. Southwell Pty Ltd opening its doors in 1945. It remains to this day a company, owned and managed by the Southwell Family.

Today, 27 dedicated staff members in 3 stores, Camden, Bowral and Cowra, provide a complete irrigation and pump service covering the parameters of design, supply technical information and in field installations and repairs. Professionalism in customer service, installation and the provision of high quality materials has driven our business for the past 70 years.

Southwell Irrigation

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Southwell Irrigation’s foundation of over 70 years trade in the Irrigation and pumping industries provides our customers security and peace of mind.

Southwell Irrigation services the markets in Broad Acre Irrigation, Vineyards, Olives, Orchards, Truffery's, Vegetable Market Gardens, Stock and Domestic Water Supply, Playing Fields, Golf Courses, Industry, Effluent Disposal, Dust Suppression, Commercial Landscapers, House Beautification and Backflow Prevention. We can source water from Tanks, Dams, Rivers and Water Bores to suit your needs.

Southwell Irrigation employs its own licensed installation teams and pump service personnel to carry out the work required to our own high standards.

We are able to design and supply for trade customers allowing Landscapers, Plumbers, Builders and Handymen to carry out their own installations with equipment easily delivered all over the state.

With business continually expanding, with new customers coming into  our geographical areas bringing with them their different pursuits, the challenge to supply information, service and competitive pricing is foremost in the company's mind.

Southwell Irrigation

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Experts in Water and Irrigation Solutions for over 70 years

Located in Camden, Bowral and Cowra